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“SCRAM’ stands for Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor. They are most often called SCRAM bracelets but are worn around the ankle. SCRAM is a device that measures Transdermal Alcohol levels, i.e. from the sweat of the person wearing it, as opposed to BAC which is measured by a blood test or a breath test.

The SCRAM bracelets are tamper-resistant and will check the person’s alcohol content every 30 minutes. The results are sent to authorities and failing the test will result in an arrest of the defendant

A first DUI conviction doesn’t automatically mean a SCRAM bracelet sentencing. They are reserved for repeat DUI defendants, felony charges or defendants with an alcoholism issue. The device can be worn for a varying length of time depending on the sentencing. It can vary from a few months to a couple of years.

The cost for the SCRAM device is paid by the defendant and can add up to high amounts.

SCRAM CAM features



$50 - $100

Daily monitoring fee

$10 - $12

Daily monitoring fee plus house arrest monitoring

$13 - $15

SCRAM bracelets can be worn outside of the house, provided the defendant isn’t sentenced to house arrest. In some instances, the defendant can only drive to school or work.

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