Reviewing Your Estate

Because of the changes that commonly occur in the state and federal laws that impact your estate plan, as well as changes that may occur with respect to your finances and family relationships, you should view estate planning as a continuing process. By working with your estate planning attorney and other estate planning professionals such as tax accountants, investment advisors, life insurance professionals and trust officers forming your estate planning team, you can take a proactive role to maximize your available assets for the benefit of your family and to avoid the emotional financial hardship caused by neglecting your own estate planning.

Moreover, as a result of the periodic changes to the federal estate, gift and generation- skipping transfer tax laws pursuant to the various tax acts passed since 2000, you will need to review your estate tax plan more often than in the past.

If you do not have an estate planning attorney, our law firm would be happy to assist you with respect to your estate planning needs and work with your other professional advisers in order to formulate and implement an estate plan that meets your objectives.





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