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Nevada DUI School

  • Published: November 20, 2019
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Nevada DUI School

If you been arrested for a DUI offense, there is immediate help in what to do that may be able to save your license and avoid further DUI penalties. There are the numerous costs following a DUI, including DUI schools, increased insurance cost, fines and administrative fees, if convicted of a first offense DUI.

Convicted DUI offenders are required to take responsibility for their actions, and take DUI alcohol education and treatment programs, also referred to as DUI school, and are court-ordered for people who have been convicted of a driving under the influence or DUI offense. The amount of time or how many classes a person must attend at a DUI school, varies on a case by case basis. This is another reason why having a DUI arrest carefully examined by a criminal attorney can help you with answers on what to expect based on your own circumstances.

What can I expect from DUI schools?

DUI schools focus on how alcohol and drugs affect performance and safety behind the wheel, consequences – both personal and legal – of a DUI conviction, how to avoid drinking and driving in the future and make healthier choices.

An evaluation might follow the completion of all the required DUI classes, to assess success in meeting the DUI school goals. The evaluation also reinforces strategies taught in class for avoiding drinking and driving.

What are my requirements?

Every case is different, depending on varying factors such as their own case details and whether it was a first DUI offense or more. A first offense DUI in Nevada requires an 8-hour DUI class. Drivers completing the mandatory DUI school requirements, will have a set amount of time from the start of their suspension period to complete the DUI classes and fulfill the terms of their DUI case.

Nevada DUI schools are created to educate drivers about the dangers of drinking and driving. Their goal is to help drivers who have violated the State DUI laws to fulfill their alcohol awareness program requirements, to bring awareness to the effects of alcohol as they relate to driving skills keep our roadways a safer place.

You do not have to wait for sentencing to sign up for DUI school. If you were arrested on a DUI or other alcohol related charge you can sign up for and complete the class that the court is going to require you to take before sentencing. This might result in a reduction in charges, as the judge will see you’re taking a pro-active approach. Taking DUI classes in no way admits guilt

Most DUI schools offer online classes now, making it easy to complete. They can be taken at your own pace and won’t have to be done all at once. They need to be approved by the Nevada courts and Nevada DMV.

ABC DUI online school is a local Nevada Court approved and DMV licensed school, offering online classes with immediate Certificate of Completion.

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