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What Happens If We Die Without Having An Estate Plan In Place?

If you don’t have any kind of estate plan, the state is going to decide where your assets go and who your beneficiaries are.

What Components Of A Client’s Life Must Be Analyzed When Setting Up An Estate Plan?

Several components that must be considered before setting up an Estate Plan have been discussed in this video.

What Are The Main Components That Constitute An Effective Estate Plan?

There are quite a number of different options but the core items for a modern estate plan would be a revocable living trust, a pour over will that pours over into the trust, a healthcare power of attorney, and an advance directive, which lets doctor know who you would want to make decisions for you, if you’re unable to make your own decisions about health care.

What Is The Purpose Of A Trust? What Are The Advantages Entailed In A Trust?

There are many different kinds of trusts with different goals.

Why a trust is in your best interest

What happens if you, like Prince, don’t have a plan in place for your assets? The probate process is lenghty, costly and public. Call us to schedule an appointment to discuss your estate plan today. (702) 829-7222 or check out our website

Estate Planning presentation Attorney Darren Weiss Esq.

Darren has been serving the Estate Planning needs of the community since 2000. He has helped countless people stay out of probate court, save money on legal expenses and taxes and most importantly tied families from being torn apart on arguing over money.

Living wills: not a will at all.

What’s the difference between a Living will, a will, a living trust; Darren discusses the differences in this video. Call Law Office of Darren Weiss to schedule an appointment. 702-899-8989 or visit our website.

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