"DUI School" in Nevada

Nevada DUI schools are created to educate motorists on the road about the dangers of drinking and driving. Their goal is to help drivers who have violated the State DUI laws to fulfill their alcohol awareness program requirements, to bring awareness to the effects of alcohol as they relate to driving skills and the human body, and ultimately keep our roadways a safer place.

You do not have to wait for a sentencing to sign up for DUI school. If you were arrested on a DUI or other alcohol related charge you can sign up for and complete the class that the court is going to require you to take before sentencing. This might result in a reduction in charges, as the judge will see you’re taking a pro-active approach.
DUI school may be completed online or in-person, and the typical price is around $100.

Click here for one of the schools approved by Nevada DMV; 123 DUI online

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