The DUI Court Process in Nevada Cases


The arraignment is the court appointment where you are officially charged and enter your plea (the options are: not guilty, no contest, or guilty). If you have hired a lawyer, s/he will go to court yourself and will enter the plea for you. A “not guilty” plea means the the prosecutor will give your lawyer the Discovery (evidence) from your arrest. You will then get a new court date.

Pre-Trial Motions

Your lawyer will try to have your case dismissed if there are no strong evidence. If it’s not dismissed, the attorney and prosecutor will negotiate to find a way to avoid trial. They might not reach a solution and then your case will go to pre-trial. This phase will last a couple of months with a misdemeanor DUI. A Felony DUI will take a bit longer due to more pre-trial hearings. The prosecutor and attorney will continue negotiations during this time.


A bench trial will take place for you if it’s a misdemeanor DUI case. A bench trial is just a judge and not a selected jury. You get to pick between a bench trial or jury trial if your case is a felony DUI. A jury trial looks like what you might have seen on TV: selection of jury, opening statements, examination of witnesses, closing statements and verdict and sentencing.

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