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Estate Planning

What is a Living Will?

Call us at [number] to schedule your appointment with Mr. Weiss to discuss any questions you might have about the health care directive/Living will Legal Insights 4: Brought to you by Law Office of Darren Weiss. Living wills: not a will at all.Read More

Get your Estate Plan in order before it’s too late.

What happens if you, like Prince, don't have a plan in place for your assets? The probate process is lenghty, costly and public. Call us to schedule an appointment to discuss your estate plan today. [number] or check out our website Estate Planning presentation Attorney Darren Weiss Esq.Read More

What Happened to Prince’s Inheritance?

What could possibly go wrong in this scenario? Prince, multi-millionaire with a 200-million-dollar estate, dies and no trust has been set up prior to his death. As of this past April, none of his heirs have inherited any portion — not even a penny — of his estimated $200 million estate. Without an Estate Plan (a trust is part of an Estate plan package), the process of settling his estate…Read More

Presenting: Darren Weiss

Who is Darren? What does he do? What does he even look like? Wonder no more. Here’s a short video clip on our Estate Planning services.Read More

Tales of Horror from the CRYPT, uh, Probate Court

As an attorney in Nevada, I’m required to take 12 hours annually of continuing legal education classes to maintain my license. I recently attended an 8-hour wills, trusts and probate class to knock out a good chunk of my requirements for the year. The instructor was very critical of attorneys that push living trusts going so far as to say that they are unnecessary for most people. While he was…Read More

What You Need to Know About Nevada’s Living Will Laws

Depending on where you are in life, you may not have given the idea of medical incapacitation much thought.  This may be a product of youth or not being fully aware of the consequences of not having the right measure in place.  Whatever the case may be, it is essential to know about Nevada’s living will laws and how they can impact you. What is a Living Will? A living…Read More