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Attorney Darren Weiss is an experience DUI defense attorney in Las Vegas. He will take the time to review your case and discuss possible Legal Strategies with you. He can answer all your question about fines, jail time, license suspension or how get your charges reduced or dismissed all together with his help. Call Attorney Darren Weiss Today or submit the form above to get started.

Act Now To Avoid DUI ConsequencesAct Now To Avoid DUI Consequences
  • DUI Drunk Driving
  • Marijuana DUI
  • Drugs DUI
  • Felony DUI
  • 1st DUI Offence
  • 2nd DUI Offence
  • 3rd DUI Offence
In Nevada, there are really two cases, not just one. Be Sure You are Prepared for Both

An arrest for DUI results in two separate proceedings in two separate courts.

  • Criminal Case: Criminal Allegations start in either a small city court, or the larger county court depending on where the incident took place.
  • An optional DMV hearing before a civil administrative judge. The only issue at this hearing is the driver’s license suspension. If you or your attorney don’t set the hearing the suspension is automatic.
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