Breath Interlock Device

What is a Breath Interlock Device and what do they do?

A Breath Interlock Device, sometimes called an ignition interlock device, is a small unit installed in the car of someone who has been convicted of a DUI. The driver must breathe into the device and the car won’t start if it detects alcohol in the breath. The Nevada State Senate recently passed a Bill regarding these devices taking effect October 1, 2018. Currently, breath interlock devices can be part of the sentencing when the blood alcohol levels in a case were higher than 0.18, or with any felony DUI (vehicular homicide and DUI causing serious injury or death). The new law will mandate breath interlock devices in all DUI cases where the BAC is above 0.08. All costs for interlock devices will be paid by the sentenced driver, and they are not cheap.

This new law is a major departure from current penalties which have been in place for decades. This and several other changes in the law will make the penalties for DUI in Nevada substantially more expensive and inconvenient. Even under the new law, an experienced attorney may be able to negotiate to avoid consequences such as the breath interlock device.

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