Drug and Alcohol Evaluation/Assessment in Las Vegas

Most people know that the per se legal limit for driving in Nevada is .08 grams of ethanol per 100 milliliters of blood. (i.e. a .08 BAC). What you may not know is that being convicted of a DUI with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of greater than .18 triggers a whole new tier of potential consequences growing out of the drug and alcohol evaluation. Having an attorney at this stage is just as important as at the beginning of the case. The evaluator will make recommendations but it’s ultimately up to the judge as to what is ordered.

The assessment itself:

An assessment is given by a licensed evaluater. This process consists of several assessments and psychological measurements to determine the nature of the client’s relationship with alcohol and drugs. There are tricky controls built in to determine if the client is being honest. Sometimes its just one session and sometimes its more than once. The evaluation will begin with a long questionnaire. These surveys have been studied for many years and the results can provide important information to the court. Subsequently, the client will have a live meeting of one to two hours with a counselor.  In this interview the Nevada licensed counselor will delve into your thoughts and feelings about your particular case and situation.  From the questionnaires and the interview, the counselor will create a report to the court with specific recommendations.  These recommendations may reflect that the client has little to no problem at all or that the client requires serious help.

It is possible for your attorney to negotiate away this evaluation in some circumstances, but if ordered, it will ultimately be up to the judge as to what additional things you will have to do.  You're really going to want an advocate on your side at this stage.  It can mean the difference between doing a few sessions of AA or being forced to engage in formal therapy or have an expensive breath interlock device attached to the ignition of your car.

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