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Memorial Day DUI
  • Published: May 28, 2019,
  • Categories: DUI

Who doesn’t love a three-day weekend? Memorial Day is coming up, and with it, BBQs, parties and drinking. This weekend is often considered the beginning of summer. Many Americans spend Memorial Day partying; however, the day is meant to honor fallen soldiers. The unfortunate side truth about Memorial Day is that when many people drink a lot, many end up driving under the influence. DUIs go up on this holiday…Read More

Presenting: Darren Weiss

Who is Darren? What does he do? What does he even look like? Wonder no more. Here’s a short video clip on our Estate Planning services.Read More

Tales of Horror from the CRYPT, uh, Probate Court

As an attorney in Nevada, I’m required to take 12 hours annually of continuing legal education classes to maintain my license. I recently attended an 8-hour wills, trusts and probate class to knock out a good chunk of my requirements for the year. The instructor was very critical of attorneys that push living trusts going so far as to say that they are unnecessary for most people. While he was…Read More